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Stacks Blockchain

Stacks is an open-source network of decentralized apps and smart contracts built on Bitcoin_._
Clarity, the smart contract language which powers Stacks, optimizes for predictability and security, to allow developers to encode essential business logic on a blockchain. But today, Clarity can only package transactions and information to include them in a Bitcoin block. There are no conditional payments or transfer of Bitcoin that can get triggered by Clarity. Our DLC bridge plugs that hole, which brings unique capabilities to the entire ecosystem.
DLC.Link was awarded a $250,000 grant to help build this infrastructure to bring true Bitcoin DeFi to Stacks. Below are the monthly presentation to help you follow along what we've been working on!

Benefits to the Stacks Ecosystem

Chainlink is the predominant industry standard to securely connect smart contracts with off-chain data and services. DLC.Link was awarded a Chainlink Community Grant to develop open-source infrastructure for bridging data from Chainlink oracles to DLCs on the Bitcoin network.