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Syvita Guild Decentralized Mining Rewards

"Being a mining focused business, we want to set up a non-custodial STX mining pool. Given the way STX mining works, BTC has to be held custodially. A decentralized, non-custodial STX mining pool is something the ecosystem is sorely missing." -BowTiedMooneeb



Stacks mining requires a large amount of BTC in order to participate successfully. Therefore, there is a need for having the ability for pooling together multiple users’ BTC to be an effective miner. Syvita is taking on this challenge with the Syvita Stacks Mining Pools.
The current architecture for the Syvita Stacks Mining Pools leverages DLC technology as a way to enable smart BTC transactions that are secure and trustless. It is also a requirement that the pool participants’ funds be held non-custodially, to reduce regulatory overhead.
DLC.Link can provide the management and integrations from Clarity smart contracts to a trusted DLC oracle server solution. DLC.Link integrates closely with the Stacks blockchain, and can provide DLC management controlled by transactions on the Stacks blockchain through Clarity.