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Billions of dollars in Bitcoin capital is waiting to be used in smart contracts for lending and hedging with native BTC, not wrapped BTC.
DLC.link is bringing the ability to settle contracts and agreements on any blockchain with Bitcoin. We are building the bridge and network that will unlock a secure and decentralized way for smart-contracts to operate with Bitcoin without the need to send it to another party or blockchain. These transactions are not on a separate trusted network on top of Bitcoin, they are real, private Bitcoin transactions.
The use of Discreet Log Contracts technology, and in future combination with a battle-tested oracle solution such as Chainlink, unlocks bitcoin liquidity without involving a custodian or having to trust a single third-party. This technology will serve anyone who isn't willing to take on the risk of knowing exactly where and when the Bitcoin they hold the private keys to is headed.
If you're interested in using Bitcoin as collateral, payment, or simply send it based on an agreement that aligns with the bitcoin philosophy around a trust-less monetary system that settles contracts in a programmatic, immutable way DLC.Link is here to make that happen!
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