DLC.Link Docs

The Team

We are a highly skilled team of industry experts, collectively working towards building a pivotal solution for the future of Bitcoin.

Aki Balogh

Aki invented the predominant method for content optimization for SEO via topic modeling and founded MarketMuse to bring it to market. MarketMuse is an AI-driven content intelligence platform which was named the “undisputed leader in content optimization” in 2019. Previously, Aki focused on scalable data infrastructures at InfiniDB and OpenView Venture Partners and designed decision-support systems for Fortune 500 clients at Diamond.

Jesse Eisenberg

Jesse has served in a number of software engineering and engineering management roles, spanning Pivotal Labs, MoPub and Twitter. He’s a serial entrepreneur excited to put his knowledge of blockchain to work.

Seena Foroutan

Seena is a sales leader who advises on building high-performing teams, forging strategic partnerships, and enhancing market presence. He previously served as the Global Head of Go To Market, Defi & Enterprise at Chainlink, where he delivered over $2 Billion in revenue. Prior to that, he served as Global Head of Go To Market, Analytics & Cloud at Coinbase, which he joined through their acquisition of Earn.com

Rusty Mason

Rusty is an experienced Business Development Advisor with a strong background in the blockchain industry. Previously, he served as the Head of Business Development at Thesis, where he developed successful go-to-market strategies and refined the value proposition for tBTC. Rusty also played a pivotal role in establishing Deloitte's blockchain strategy practice, working closely with corporate executives to explore the impact of blockchain on digital media ecosystems.

Matt Bombard

Matt is a highly accomplished professional with experience in technology auditing and data science. With a background in quantitative finance and stochastic systems, he has successfully led regulatory projects and played a pivotal role in reshaping surveillance models at Goldman Sachs and Scotiabank.