DLC.Link Docs

Code Repositories

Links to the various github repos for DLC.Link
This documentation site, for helping us add details and make corrections - DLC.Link Docs
Monorepo for all Stacks chain smart contracts - stacks-contracts-all
Solidity smart contracts for EVM compatible blockchains - dlc-solidity-smart-contract
Library for managing DLCs in Rust rust-dlc
A Bitcoin (DLC) Oracle to be easily launched by various node operators to create the decentralized network of Oracles - sibyls
DLC Support in TypeScript/WASM to easily let third-party web/react-native wallets support DLCs - prototype-wallet-dlc-lib
Javascript agent for listening to events on the Blockchain and communicating to the Oracles and other backend services (private) dlc-observer
Dockerized stack to enable easy deploying of Oracles and DLC protocol wallet for easy network adopt docker-dlc-stack
Prototype BTC wallet with DLC support Chrome extension (private currently) - prototype-wallet-extension
Protocol BTC Wallet supporting DLCs as a Rust service (currently private) - prototype-wallet-backend
These repos are beta versions, and are not guaranteed ready for production use.